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Welcome to ProXoft L.L.C.

Release History
15 Sep 2012 - Binary Viewer
Multulinqual version.
Binary Viewer now speaks Chinese, English and Polish
03 Sep 2011 - Reset VBA Password
Added: Property and extended property viewer
28 June 2011 - Reset VBA Password
You can change or remove forgotten VBA password in
MS Office® Applications
18 Sep 2009 - Binary Viewer
Free! Completely rewritten. Extended viewer formats.
New functionality:
Alternate Data Streams support
18 Sep 2009 - Twin Files Finder
Added viewer for Audio/Video files; Added support for
Alternate Data Streams (ADS)
22 Mar 2009 - Twin Files Finder
This is initial public release.
We hope everybodoy will enjoy it!
12 Feb 2004- On-line Cookie Editor
On-line Cookie Editor is now available. You can hack,
edit,delete any cookies associated with this site.

ProXoft L.L.C. is a Shareware software provider operating since 1994.

Please feel free to browse our site and download whatever you like. Some products are free of charge, some are distributed as Shareware. In any case you can download them for free.

Shareware you download from our site for trial has the same functionality as registered version, so you can evaluate it thoroughly. After expiration of trial period, you can still use our programs, however some advanced functionality may be missing. You can restore access to full functionality at any time by registering program. If you like the program you downloaded from this site, and decide to purchase it, you will enjoy unlimited functionality without any interruption. Twin Files Finder has extended trial period (45 days). If you want to use it beyond this period you have to purchase licence. After registration you will be entitled for free upgrades for the 24 months since date of purchase, unlimited technical support via e-mail, and most important you will be helping to support shareware idea. Thanks to it you will enjoy in the future more programs brought to you by shareware industry!

If you already downloaded a Program and now wish to purchase it, click on the Products tab. There you will find links to the registration page.

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Our product are backed by unconditonal money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with any of our products we will refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.
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