ProXoft is a software company specializing in MS Windows software for individuals and small businesses and freeware and shareware utilities.


ProXoft L.L.C. is Freeware and Shareware software provider operating since 1994. We provide solutions for Microsoft Windows operating system.

Please feel free to browse our site and download whatever you like. Most products are free of charge and some are distributed as Shareware. In any case you can download them for free.

Free Software

Binary Viewer and Cookie Editor are programs you can download, install and use free of charge. Binary Viewer is functionally rich utility allowing thorough inspection of any file regardless of its format. It was developed over several years and eventually evolved to a program that have several was of viewing and analyzing files.

On the other hand, Cookie Editor' is a new attempt re revive program that was available on this site before. It's very new and still hot, and I an promise it will grow to include new functionality. Its name as of today is a little bit over promising. It's very little of editor as of today. In most parts it is really Cookie Viewer and as of today it can work with Internet Explorer only.

Additionally to above mentioned programs, we have several .Net user controls we would like to share with you. Very often, during development of application you can download from this site, we come across need to enhance available .Net controls or create new ones to serve our needs. Some of them were generic enough to be useful to wider developers audience. You can download them as ready to use executables (dll) or if you want to see how they are coded or you want to modify their functionality you can download source code and demos. Every control is accompanied with full documentation and article describing architecture and design details.

Resources used towards development and support of programs and controls that can be downloaded and used free of charge are supported by donations. If you like programs, controls or articles form this site, please consider donation.


Shareware you download from our site has the same functionality as registered version, so you can evaluate it thoroughly. After expiration of trial period you can still use our programs, however some advanced functionality may be missing. You can restore access to full functionality at any time by registering the program. If you like the program you downloaded from this site, and decide to purchase it, you will enjoy unlimited functionality without any interruption. After registration you will be entitled for free upgrades for the 24 months since date of purchase, unlimited technical support via e-mail, and most important you will be helping to support shareware idea. Thanks to it you will enjoy in the future more programs brought to you by shareware industry!

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