Binary Viewer and Reset VAP Password, Base64 Encoder and decoder and user controls for .NET developers.

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Reset VBA Password (Just Released!)

Did you ever forget password to VBA project of one of your Microsoft Office® applications? Did your boss give you old project to work with and nobody from your coworkers remembers password? Sounds familiar?
No worries! This VBA password recovery utility is here to help you. It will instantly unlock your password protected application.

Base64 Encoder/Decoder


Binary Viewer (Freeware!)

View and browse any binary file in hexadecimal, octal, decimal or text format (ASCII or Unicode). Supports very large files.
Recently added functionality: Alternate Data Stream (ADS) manipulation (adding, deletion, renaming) and viewing!!!

Twin Files Finder

Finds duplicate files in local or network folders based on provided search criteria. Search mask uses regular expressions for greater flexibility. Predefined search profiles for most common searches. Finds true duplicates or files with duplicate names. Allows previewing found files in variety of viewers (as text, html/xml, binary or image). Allows saving search results for future reference. Easily integrates with third party file comparers.

Cookie Editor

Helps to control Internet privacy, by allowing viewing, edit or delete any unwanted cookies, block cookies from specified domains, view and delete Internet Explorer history info.

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